Solution Presentation

ReBootKamp (RBK) is a career accelerator focused on skills training for refugees and disadvantaged youth in regions of conflict. RBK uses a powerful form of education technology called eXtreme Learning (XL) to produce market-ready software engineers in four months.

eXtreme Learning combines several traditional methodologies - fail-based learning, problem based learning, collaborative learning, immersive learning - with agile learning and mindfulness training. The most important gains are non-technical - English, social intelligence, professionalism, creative problem solving and autonomous learning.

Programs range from four to 13 weeks long. The shorter programs prepare youth for a variety of pathways including college entrance, career accelerators like RBK, vocational pathways or low skill jobs. The 13-week program prepares youth for direct entry into the tech industry. All of the programs develop skills aligning with modern workforce expectations.

Location: Jordan. 2019 deployments planned for Tunisia and Palestine (Gaza, East Jerusalem, Ramallah).

Solutions Presenters

Farah Amawi
Farah is a software engineer at Informatica Qatar where she loves to solve tough technical challenges, create great user experiences, and write maintainable and testable code. She’s currently contributing in building an airport system integration product that utilizes algorithms and heuristic learning to convert business problems to technical solutions. Prior to Amawi, Farah worked at Arabia Weather where she built from scratch, the front end of the first weather forecast visualization platform for Arabic speakers. Farah is an RBK cohort 1 graduate and has a degree in computer engineering.

Hanan Al-Majali
Hanan Al-Majali, is a Program Manager of English BootCamp/Irbid and Outcome Students Manager at RBK (ReBootKamp) Organization, leading the Blockchain Bootcamp in 2018 and considered an official singer in the work community and the best coffee maker there.

Siraj Kakeh
Siraj fled Syria at 22 to avoid being prosecuted by the Syrian regime. He landed in Saudi Arabia where he tried to seek employment but was denied because of his refugee status. He then came to Jordan to study electrical engineering, but struggled financially before having to return to minimum wage work in the informal sector. In 2017 he enrolled in RBK. Two months after graduation, he found a job in the IT industry as a full stack software developer, where he was paid 3X the best paid job he had before RBK.