The No Lost Generation Tech Summit ran a month-long call for solutions in search of the most promising solutions that leverage technology and partnerships to connect learning to earning for adolescents and youth in the MENA region. Our goal was to identify existing tech-enabled solutions that are already addressing the needs of the young people, learn from them, and use our time at the Summit to work together to address the challenges, identify the gaps, and collaborate on the next steps.

We received a tremendous response from organizations from all over the world. Throughout our evaluation process, we’ve been impressed with the many worthy solutions and the high quality of applications received.

From submissions to the NLG Tech Summit Steering Committee — 11 UN/NGO agencies and youth —10 solutions were selected to be feature during both days of the NLG Tech Summit this June. With so many promising solutions submitted, 16 additional solutions were chosen for a special featured in the exhibit hall and on the NLG Summit website. The Solution Marketplace is a resource for collaborative engagement for Summit participants and the broader NLG community. Visit the Solutions Marketplace for the full list of offerings.

These solutions are promising in the sense that they are addressing the challenges related Learn-to-Earn in the region, breaking down the silos between how young people learn and how they access dignified work, and they have already demonstrated some impact. They are also good examples of the types of programs, innovations, and contributions we hope to see more of from different stakeholders in Learn to Earn ecosystem - private sector, academia, nonprofits, startups, UN:NGO agencies, funders, and youth.