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NaTakallam enables refugees to use their language skills to deliver language services to earn a living through the freelance, gig economy. Refugees participating in the program are provided with the training and mentorship needed to perform the language services such as translation, online language teaching, and cultural exchange sessions.

NaTakallam connects refugees to remote work opportunities in the language sector. NaTakallam’s goal is to provide refugees with relevant training and a means to make a viable income with their host country.

Beyond the access to income, NaTakallam gives refugees marketable skills and a restored sense of dignity and purpose, while users get access to affordable language services and opportunity to directly contribute to refugee livelihoods. The program also fosters intercultural understanding and changes the narrative around refugees.

Location: Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey

Solutions Presenter

Mariam Eskander
I am located in Cairo, Egypt. I studied political science for my bachelor's degree and international development, with a focus on migration and integration, for my master's degree. I worked for a year and a half as an adults teacher at a refugee school in downtown Cairo, where my students were mostly Sudanese but I also had Ethiopian, Eritrean, Syrian and Iraqi students. Later on I worked with CARE International in a women's sexual health program with both Syrian and Sudanese refugee women living in Cairo. After doing my master's, I worked a little bit in a corporate social responsibility program with Egyptian university students. While I enjoyed working with students, I feel most passionate about working in initiatives aimed at empowering refugee and immigrant community members, especially women. So, here I am, interning with NaTakallam!